The Saga of Frierk (alliterative verse)

Thrust through fronded forests thrice
Outside Utslag, Frierk fights
Breaking beasts as cats to mice
Skimming living from the ice!
A young king’s son Frierk was born
Yet long before he learned to mourn
His father, King, acquired scorn
From jealous kin, his loyal-sworn.

Frierk’s father’s body rode
The quick’ning current of the lode
That ran from Utslag, clear and cold
Now stained by blood, noble and old.

Frierk, just a babe in arms
Had no strength or wits or charms
Betrayers brought beyond the farms
The baby of the noble King.

As sacrifice to heathen gods
Foes fixed Freirk on the knobs
While trees awoke with shrieks and sobs
For Frierk, rightful King.

And fearing forces from the forest;
Spirits waking, speaking woe,
They turned away and wished to go
On back to Utslag, their stolen home.

Yet just as Frierk came to freeze
The gentle buzz of honeybees
Came to his ears through bark and leaves
The queen-bear found him, wary, pleased.

She took him back inside her coat
Of fur, where neither foot nor boat
Could reach, she knew the way by rote:
The highland path where fairies float.

Urswoda, the Queen-Bear fled
With frightened Frierk on her head
Up and up to hearth and bread
The Queen-Bear changing as she climbed.

And Frierk on his first foray
Up the magic mountain-way
Saw the change to night from day
Yet still the path was lit ahead.

Embers red and blue and green
Flew around them whispering
Void-like, yet like everything
The fairies glow and go by wing.

Yet even as an infant child,
Frierk’s eyes were live and wild,
Enchanted thus, his spirit styled
Itself upon this fair fey land.

Summit reaching, Urswoda
With every step, her tooth and claw
Morphed and made a maiden queen
Of beauty man has never seen.

Higher climbing steps forlorn
She took upon a human form
Near the stars, above all storms
Urswoda the queen can sing!

Then finally, they reached a turn
And facing westward, saw the burn
Of sunlight rising on the ferns
And junipers in Valleyfey.

And there beside a waterfall
Stood the Queen-Bear’s timber hall
There Frierk grew from infancy
To manhood, strong and tall.


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