No guarantees — a new short poem

Advantages aren’t always advantageous

and certainly not guarantees.

Some ills are not to all people contagious, 

Rarely in life are there equalities.

Only in minds of the heartsore and broken,

Only by wish and behest

Are people converted to standardized tokens

so nobody’s worst and nobody is best.




I wrote this while thinking about how Marxism and leftism in general fails to account for the individual. People are not like some ideal sphere whose “bounces” can be calculated and predicted with perfect accuracy. 

Although we can be grouped by relative similarity in a hierarchical way (families generally have more in common with each other than communities which are more similar than regions which are more similar than nations which are more similar than two random people in the world at large) but each human is still invariably different from the rest, and although best guesses can be applied with some degree of reliability, there is no sure way of determining what will help and what will harm that may justify some State-enforced “benefit” program.


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