Why do we call Islam “Islam” instead of Muhammadanism?

We do not often question why things were given their particular names, because often they are of no significance… but today while browsing Wikipedia on pages about Baha’i faith, I came across a masters thesis written by a Canadian named Jonah Winters called Dying for God: Martyrdom in the Shii and Babi Religions. In the… Read More Why do we call Islam “Islam” instead of Muhammadanism?

The Saga of Frierk (alliterative verse)

Introduction: Thrust through fronded forests thrice Outside Utslag, Frierk fights Breaking beasts as cats to mice Skimming living from the ice! 1. A young king’s son Frierk was born Yet long before he learned to mourn His father, King, acquired scorn From jealous kin, his loyal-sworn. Frierk’s father’s body rode The quick’ning current of the… Read More The Saga of Frierk (alliterative verse)

“Equality feels like oppression.”

An individual who is fairly popular and well-liked among his peers due to his intelligence, writing ability, and most of all, his near-pathological selflessness and altruism, recently posted an article that is meant to describe the concept of “privilege” (as almost exclusively applied to “straight white males”) by way of an anecdotal analogue. The article… Read More “Equality feels like oppression.”